Safety Inspection of Brown Bridge Dam

Boardman River Dams
Sections include: Introduction, Conclusions & Recommendations (Immediate, Short-Term, and Long-Term,) Project Information (Available References, Project History and Purpose, and Project Description,) Field Inspection, Structural Stability (Embankments, Concrete Structures - Powerhouse / Spillway,) Hydrology and Hydraulics (Hydrology, Hydraulics,) Operations and Maintenance, Emergency Action Plan, Cost Estimates, Apprendix A - Project Location Map, Appendix B - Project Drawings (Topography of Dam Site [1921,] Brown Bridge Plan [1921,] Fish Chute Plan [1921,] Tainter Gate Plan [1921,] Steel Details [1921,] Powerhouse Details [1921,] Log Chute Details [1921,] Penstock & Spillway Details [1921,] Penstock & Spillway Details [1921,] Downstream Apron Embankment Walls [1921],) Appendix C - Photographs (29,) Appendix D - Hydrological Data, MDEQ Flood Discharge Request Record, Appendix E - Dam Inspection Checklist, Appendix F - Control Point Survey, Bathymetric Soundings, Piezometer and Weir Data, Appendix G - Dive Inspection Report and DVD, Appendix H - Embankment Stability Analyses, and Appendix I - Operational Scenario Sketches.