Boardman River Feasibility Study - Economic and Social Analysis of the Boardman River Dams Evaluation of Available Information - Draft

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Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.
Boardman River Dams
Sections include: Executive Summary, Background (Water Resources Enhancement, Framework for Socioeconomic Assessment, Characteristics of the Socioeconomic Assessment, and Categorization of Information Needs,) Socioeconomic Modeling Framework (Proposed Methodology for Socioeconomic Assessment, Linkages and Alternatives, Outcomes, Baselines, Overview, and Site Breakdown,) Hydrological and Ecological Baseline Information, Segment-Level Baseline Characteristics for Recreation, Recreation, Economic Baseline Characteristics (Economic Information,) Quantitative Baseline Information, Socioeconomic Linkage Functions (Property Values: Provencher et al. (2006),) Boating and Canoeing Pressure: National Survey on Recreation and the Environment, Regional Financial Impacts: IMPLAN, and Additional Relevant Information, and Collecting Data & Assembling in Modeling Framework, and References.