Boardman River Feasibility Study - An Interim Report On Boardman River Wildlife Data - Draft

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Environmental Consulting and Technology, Inc.
Boardman River Dams
Twenty-one individuals from state and federal natural resource agencies, universities, conservation organizations, businesses, and nature centers were identified by the BRDC Technical committee and wildlife consultants as potential sources of data on the wildlife resource within the 500 foot corridor project area. We contacted these sources along with many of the other references identified by these sources. The existing wildlife data that has been collected is summarized in the appendices of this report. Main sources, agencies and individuals, of existing wildlife data we collected and their general content is described below, listed by major wildlife group. The most complete wildlife data collected specific to the river corridor study area was for threatened, endangered and special concern species. Information and existing data we collected and reviewed on other amphibians and reptiles, birds and mammals was of a much more general nature. This data on other species will be helpful in clarifying species presence/absence and habitat preferences in the region, less so in assessing local conditions and potential effects of water management or dam removal alternatives.