Lake Survey Antrim County Michigan November 1, 1969

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Anderson, Darrel
Benjamin, Dan
Driver, John
Krol, Ed
Antrim County ; Antrim County, Michigan ; November 1969 ; Lake Survey ; Traverse Bay Watershed Center ; Beal Lake ; Intermediate River ; Scott Lake ; Intermediate Lake
Beal's Lake lies in Echo Township, Antrim County, Michigan. Its survey location is T 31 N, R 7 W, sections 21 and 28. The surface area is 40.5 acres with a maximum depth not exceeding 18 feet. The axis of the lake is northwest by southeast, as defined by rolling moraines on the southwest and northeast sides. Intermediate river enters the lake from the southeast and is the major drainage at the northwest shore. Light penetration was limited with Seechi disk readings of 2.5 meters.
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