Summary of Inventory Results on Elk Lake, Antrim and Grand Traverse Counties, T. 28, 29 N., R. 8, 8 W., and Round Lake, Antrim, Grand Traverse, and Kalkaska Counties, T. 28 N., R. 8, 9 W.

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Institute for Fisheries Research
Elk Lake ; Antrim County ; Grand Traverse County ; Round Lake ; Kalkaska County ; Institute for Fisheries Research ; Michigan Fish Commission ; University of Michigan ; Muskellunge ; Yellow Perch ; Rock Bass ; Northern Pike ; Largemouth Bass ; Smallmouth Bass ; cisco ; Lake Trout ; Rainbow Trout ; Skegemog Lake ; Department of Natural Resources ; Shanty Creek
Biologists of the Institute for Fisheries Research conducted fisheries inventories of Ilk and Round lakes during August 1956, These waters had previously been inventoried in the summer of 1931, when they were also mapped. Sounding and determination of bottom soil types were repeated on Elk Lake in 1955. Some netting was done on Ilk Lake by a Michigan Fish Commission crew in 1891, and by biologists from the University of Michigan in 1923. A biologist of the Institute's staff made a study of the muskellunge fisheries of Elk and Round lakes in 1953 and 1954.
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