What are the Fish Populations and Angler Use on the Boardman River

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Kelly, Thomas M.
Light & Power Dept. Traverse City, Mich ; fish population ; angler use ; Boardman River ; MDNR, University of Michigan Museum of Zoology ; U.S. Fish and Wildlife ; Sabin Dam ; Boardman Dam ; Boardman Lake ; Grand Traverse Bay ; Brown Bridge Dam ; September 1981 ; Union Street ; sea lamprey ; fish ladder
The attached list of fish species reported from the various sections of the Boardman River was oompiled [compiled] from MDNR, Univ. of Michigan Museum of Zoology, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife records. It is a conservative list and undoubtably [undoubtedly] could be expanded with more sampling. The seemingly sparce [sparse] fish. community between Sabin and Boardman dams is the result of sampling bias, and does not necessarily reflect low fish species diversity in this reach.
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