Report on Insesticide in Lake Michigan, November 1968

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Mount, Donald I.
Pesticides Committee of the Lake Michigan Enforcement Conference
United States Department of the Interior
Lake Michigan ; Insecticides ; Pesticides ; Hazards ; Water Sampling ; Water Quality ; Recommendations ; Michigan ; Wisconsin ; Indiana ; Illinois
One of the sixteen conclusions reached by conferees of The Four State Enforcement Conference on pollution of Lake Michigan (January-March 1968) is: "Pesticides are found in Lake Michigan and its tributary streams resulting from the application of these materials. The ever-increasing use of these materials threatens water uses for recreation, fish and wildlife, and water supplies." The conferees took positive action toward review and study of the pesticide problem in Lake Michigan in their recommendation No. 15: "A technical committee on pesticides will be established to be chaired by a member of the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration with representatives from each state. The committee shall evaluate the pesticide problem and recommend to the conferees a program of monitoring and control. The first report will be submitted in six months to the conferees. The states shall seek legislation to license commercial applicators.
Table 1 Pesticide Residues Lake Michigan in Whole Fish from 1965-1968*, Table 2 Insecticides and the Lower Values of Quantitative Reporting Recommended for Various Types of Monitoring., Table 3 Recommended Water Quality Monitoring Stations for Insecticides on Major Tributaries.,TABLE 4 Tributary Streams Recommended for Biological Monitoring., TABLE 5 Recommended Insecticide Analysis for Fish to be Collected in April and October.,