Coregonid Fishes of the Great Lakes

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Koelz, Walter
Lake Huron ; Lake Michigan ; Lake Superior ; Lake Erie ; Lake Ontario ; Lake Nipigon
Wherever they occur, the coregonids, like the salmonids, are important food fishes; but probably nowhere else do they attain so much importance in the fisheries as in the region of the Great Lakes. In view of the great importance of these fisheries it is desirable, from a purely economic point of view, to determine what forms are found in the various lakes of the region and to obtain full knowledge of the natural history of these forms and of the conditions under which they live. Without such knowledge any legislative or fish-cultural steps designed to conserve the fisheries concerned must be unintelligent in character and their success must be a matter of chance. The present investigation had as its object the determination of the forms of coregonid fishes that occur in these lakes and the collection of data on their natural history. In addition to its economic significance, the problem is one of scientific interest. It concerns not merely the ecology of the Great Lakes species but it involves also the ultimate consideration of their origin and evolution and of their relationships with one another and with the coregonids of Asia and Europe, as well as with those of other parts of America.
from Bulletin of the Bureau of Fisheries, Vol. XLIII, 1927, Part II