Michigans Demonstration Erosion Control Program

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Brater, Ernest F.
Armstrong, John M.
McGill, Michael
Michigans Demonstration Erosion Control Program ; University of Michigan ; Coastal Zone Laboratory ; Hydraulic Engineering ; Civil Engineering ; Michigan Department of Natural Resources ; Revetments ; Seawalls ; Michiana ; Big Sable Point ; Empire ; Moran Township ; Twas Point Coast Guard Station ; Sanilac - Section 11 ; Whitefish Township ; Manistique ; Keweenaw Peninsula ; Little Girls Point ; Groins ; Lincoln Township ; Charles Mears State Park ; Ludington State Park ; Sanilac - Section 26 ; Marquette ; Brakwaters ; Pere Marquette Township ; Lakeport State Park ; Nourishment ; Twas City ; East Twas
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Water Management was directed by Act 14 of the Public Acts of 1973 to take "action to avert catastrophic consequences" of severe shoreland erosion. The Demonstration Erosion Control Program was formulated and implemented under this directive. The Department of Natural Resources contracted the University of Michigan’s Coastal Zone Laboratory to be an integral part of the program, since Governor Milliken had charged it to act as the State's Coastal Zone Laboratory on January 12, 1973. This evaluation is included as a part of the Demonstration Erosion Control Program. This research program focused on the selection, design, installation and evaluation of various demonstration projects around the state. The sites were selected on the basis of geographic distribution, and because they had experienced severe erosion problems. The series of installations were to demonstrate both innovative and conventional means of protection. In determining the overall effectiveness of each project, documentation and evaluation of factors such as the reduction of erosion rates, cost, construction difficulties and durability were taken into account.
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