A Hierarchical Framework of Aquatic Ecological Units in North America (Nearctic Zone)

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Maxwell, James R.
Edwards, Clayton J.
Jensen, Mark E.
Paustian, Steven J.
Parrott, Harry
Hill, Donley M.
Wetlands ; Hydrogeomorphology
The objectives of this report are to provide: 1. A generic hierarchical framework for characterizing aquatic ecosystems. 2. A description of linkages between terrestrial and aquatic biophysical environment maps. 3. Primary map unit criteria for hierarchical mapping of aquatic systems. 4. Classification criteria to be considered in describing the form, function, and evolution of aquatic systems at various spatial scales. 5. Standardized terminology to be used in the classification. mapping, and inventory of aquatic systems. The purpose of this report is to provide a framework that ensures consistency in the classifying and mapping of aquatic systems. The goal is to improve ecological analysis of aquatic systems to reflect their varied forms and functions.