Boardman River Feasibility Study - Alternative 25 (Draft)

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Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.
Boardman River Dam Project
This fact sheet is a summary of a detailed analysis of the alternative described above. The alternative was selected for detailed analysis along with five (5) other alternatives by the Boardman River Dams Committee. The following information is provided as a summary of the analysis of the alternative. Information on the existing conditions and impacts of this alternative can be obtained by reviewing the complete report on the website. You may notice that the description of the analysis of the alternative sometimes includes at the end of certain sentences an alphanumeric code in parentheses. This code refers to the list of questions that was included in the Request for Proposals.
This alternative would consist of retaining Union Street Dam, along with the existing fish ladder and DNR weir operation. In addition, Brown Bridge Dam will be repaired and retained. The fish ladder at Union Street would be operated to allow native species of Great Lakes fish and salmon and trout to pass around the dam, but invasive aquatic species would be blocked at Union Street. Sabin Dam would be breached to allow a free flowing river to be restored from the upstream end of Boardman Pond to Boardman Lake. Boardman Dam would be breached and Boardman Pond would be replaced with a river. The Brown Bridge Dam would be repaired and retained without any action to mitigate the impact of warm water discharge on downstream coldwater habitat.