Boardman River Feasibility Study - Economic and Social Analysis of the Boardman River Dams - Qualification of Existing Conditions

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Bingham, Matthew F.
Mathews, Kristy E.
Morton, Arick R.
Woodward, Dawn M.
Abrams, Elliot S.
Li, Zhimin
Boardman River Dams
This report reflects the second phase of work assessing socioeconomic impacts approved by the BRDC. It provides quantification of the existing conditions on the Boardman River with detail sufficient to conduct socioeconomic modeling. It addresses recreational use, property values, electricity generation, and local economic impacts. Specifically, this report: • Identifies the methodologies to be used in the socioeconomic evaluation of dam-management alternatives • Quantifies the existing conditions for recreational use of the Boardman River • Quantifies the existing level of recreational expenditures for recreational users of the Boardman River • Quantifies the values of potentially affected properties along the Boardman River • Considers conditions for electricity generation from three of the dams.