First Sampling Lake Bellaire Tributaries

Lake Bellaire ; Grass Creek ; Intermediate River ; May 1983 ; Traverse Bay Watershed Center ; Institute for Water Quality Research
On 9 May 1983 I sampled Grass Creek, the Intermediate River at Bellaire and at its mouth at Lake Bellaire, and the Grass River at its head water at Lake Bellaire. (See map for sampling locations). Copies of my field notes are attached to this report. At each station, water samples were taken for Cl-, P, and BOD 5. Air and water temperature were recorded. Discharge, "Q", was determined by measuring cross sectional area of the stream and measuring the flow velocity with surface floats (navel oranges). Surface velocity values were multiplied by 0.85 to estimate mean channel velocity. At the lower Intermediate River and Grass River stations I was unable to measure the stream width of area properly. I did take depth measurements at three intervals across the streams and measured the velocity.
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