Boardman River Harvest Weir Report, 1988

Fisheries Division ; Boardman River ; 1988 ; Michigan Department of Natural Resources ; Institute for Fisheries Research ; Chinook ; Coho Salmon ; Tempotech Industries ; Steelhead trout ; brown trout ; Salmon
On September 1, 1988, the weir grates were installed to block anadromous fish. On September 15, the ponds were filled and the fish ladder was activated. Harvest began on September 20. The weir remained operational until October 28, at which time the grates were removed and the building was winterized. The weir was in operation for 58 days. All harvested chinook and coho salmon were sold on contract to Tempotech Industries, Hart, Michigan. Steelhead and brown trout were passed upstream of the weir.
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