Monthly Averages of Temperature and Precipitation for State Climatic Divisions 1941-70

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United States Department of Commerce
Temperature ; Precipitation ; 1941-70 ; Michigan Climate ; United States Department of Commerce ; National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Environmental Data Service ; National Climatic Center Asheville, N.C. July 1973 ; Climatology of the United States No. 85
This publication presents monthly divisional averages of temperature and precipitation for the period 1941-70 for each state. Each value is the simple arithmetic average of the data for all stations in the division that furnished both temperature and precipitation records. Divisional precipitation averages of less than 0.005 inch are shown as zero. As network density tended to increase during the 30-year period, so also did the number of values being averaged. Monthly normals for all stations in the State for which data were available for the full period (1941-70) can be found in the publication, "Monthly Normals of Temperature, Precipitation, and Heating and Cooling Degree Days.11 For hydrology, agriculture uses, energy supply, etc. it is sometimes necessary to use values averaged over an area of a state rather than a point (station). Each state is divided into divisions (up to 10) which represent, as nearly as possible, homogeneous climatic regimes. These divisions have been established to provide assistance to a variety of interests, and some areas (Rocky Mountain States, for example) may have rather extreme variations within a division. The data presented have many applications, but like all climatological products they must be used within the framework for which they were designed.
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