Biological Estimation of the Bottom Fauna of the Chain O'Lakes, Antrim County, Michigan, Using the Saprobic System.

bottom fauna ; fauna ; Chain O' Lakes ; Chain of Lakes ; Antrim County, Michigan ; Antrim County ; saprobic system ; January 1968 ; Central Michigan University ; Traverse Bay Watershed Center
The purpose of this report is to evaluate the data gathered by the Aquatic Zoology class taught by Dr. Laverne Curry during the fall semester of 1967. The data was collected from the Chain O' Lakes area, Antrim County, Michigan, on September 30, October 1, 14, and 15, 1967 (Fig. Il). This data included a bacteriological study of the Intermediate River the west shore of Lake Bellaire, and Clam Lake, Grass River, and the west shore of Lake Bellaire.
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