Ground-water Data for Michigan - 1987

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Huffman, G.C.
Whited, C.R.
Water levels, locations, depths, and aquifers tapped are given for 112 observation wells. Tabulated data include extremes of water levels for calendar year 1987 and for the period of record, pumpage of most major ground-water users in the State, and water-quality data from selected wells. The largest municipal user of ground water, the city of Lansing, pumped 7.8 billion gallons from the Saginaw Formation and glacial deposits in 1987.
This report provides records of water levels and related data collected during 1987 for the principal aquifers of Michigan. Data on yield of wells, pumpage, quality of water, and hydrographs of ground-water levels for the past 5 years are shown in the text. Yearly hydrographs are included to illustrate seasonal changes in water levels. Records of water levels in observation wells, records of pumpage by most major ground-water users, and water-quality data from selected wells sampled during 1987 are given in tables 2, 3, and 4. Distribution of observation wells is shown in figure 1. Location of wells sampled for water-quality data and years sampled are shown in figure 2.