Eurasian Water Milfoil Survey on Elk and Skegemog Lakes and Torch River November 1998

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Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council
Traverse Bay Watershed Center ; Torch River ; November 1998 ; Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council ; Elk Lake ; Skegemog Lake
In 1995, Clean Water Act funds were granted to eight organizations and agencies by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for a three year project to protect water resources of the Elk River/Chain of Lakes Watershed. One of the project's tasks was a shoreline water resource survey. The survey was intended to document basic information for educational purposes and as a basis for water resource management decisions. One of the water resource information categories was near shore aquatic plants. Submerged rooted, emergent, and floating-leaved plants were noted in that area of the lake where the bottom was visible, along with type of algae called Chara which resembles a vascular plant.
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