Boardman River study: A technique for river planning in a rapidly urbanizing watershed, 1973

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Johnson, William J.
Johnson, Carl D.
Roy, Clarence
Land Use Evaluation ; Boardman River ; Data Collection ; Natural Rivers Zoning ; Township Zoning ; Township Erosion Control ; urbanization ; Dam removal ; Oil Drilling ; Wetlands
PURPOSE It is assumed that it is both in the public and private interest to protect all natural conditions that contribute to a high quality environment. Three important aspects of quality important to sound community development in the Traverse Bay Region are clean water, natural scenery and open space. In view of: 1) the strong trends toward extensive human use of lands bordering on water (lakes, rivers, streams, ponds); 2) the easily disturbed environmental conditions inherent in all wetland areas; 3) the important role that natural conditions play in assuring a high quality environment, and 4) the tendency for land development to interrupt natural conditions and impair the overall environmental q u a l i t y, There needs to be a workable system of controlling and directing human development needs towards a better f i t with those natural forces at work. This particular study effort is aimed at setting forth the basics of such a system for directing development in the v i c i n i t y of the Boardman River.
This technical report contains numerous chats, graphs, and maps featuring river and watershed planning in an urban setting.